i have recently adopted / rescued a bearded dragon and want to have a good place to put it. currently, it's in a plastic bin, which is sufficient, temporarily, but i want a real cage for it. if you have something like this that you would like to donate or sell for a small amount, i would surely appreciate it.
Large retro aquarium measures approximately 30 3/8 L x 12 3/4 W x 16 1/4 H. I m guessing it holds 25-30 gallons??? I m sure it leaks so would need to be refurbished but I know this is a highly sought-after tank style that has been out of production for many years. In its current state, it would make a great terrarium or lizard habitat. There s lots of info about these aquariums on-line with a s...
6-May-2018Houston, TX(16 miles)Pet fish for sale
Used for turtles. Does hold water DOES COME WITH A TOP (I forgot to put it on for the picture)
18-May-2018Houston, TX(16 miles)Pet fish for sale
I bought my daughter this full set up thinking she would be so excited, she could care less and I m stuck caring for them. I have 3 glow fish, two pink one yellow. One black molly, and a sucker fish. I paid Glo tank, with filter system -$90 Air pump, hoses, valve- $40 White ceramic hide- $25 2 bags Glo rocks- $15 Glow fish- $10 a piece Full set up cost me over $250 and I m tired of cleaning the...
20 gallon, 24 long x 16 Hx12 w, with light, call 281 454 5323 if interested.
23-May-2018Houston, TX(16 miles)Pet fish for sale
Just look at that adorable face. Meet Reef, 1 of the most precious puppies around and he know it. He works that smile and head tilt because he knows cuddles and pets will follow. And that makes him smile even more. He adores attention. Reef's a silly boy looking...
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